CBD American Shaman sued for failed drug test & Heavy Metals!

Missouri man sues CBD American Shaman for a failed drug test!

A Missouri man is accusing CBD American Shaman of selling products marketed as “THC free” when it actually has THC. The man, who was using CBD American Shaman’s full-spectrum CBD oil, lost his job after a failed drug test.

This all happened after the man received several assurances from the CBD store that their products WILL NOT trigger a failed drug test.

CBD American Shaman is also facing a legal dispute over its “NO HEAVY METALS” claim on its CBD product labels. The lawsuit was filed on May 4th after plaintiff Michael Davis alleges that CBD American Shaman “aggressively marketed its products as all-natural and having no heavy metals and insecticides”. Their website included a lab report from ProVerde that showed a “PASS” results for various contaminations.

The plaintiff sent the product that he bought back to ProVerde and the results were shocking. The lab report that he received showed high levels of lead, copper, and nickel, it also showed yeast and mold that is 3 times higher than Proverde recommend limits.

CBD American Shaman and numerous companies are having problems with “LEAD” in their CBD products.

A Florida CBD company had to recall one of its products due to high lead levels. Lead that chemical on the periodic table that spreads fear to those of us growing up into the 60s, 70s, and 80s. This is the second recall this month as Biota Biosciences issues a voluntary nationwide recall of their CBD products because they were marketed without FDA approval.

As a consumer, this is why we need to hold CBD companies accountable. Check lab reports and descriptions to make sure that what we are buying is accurate.

For CBD brands this is why full panel testing is important and is being required by state regulations such as Texas, Florida, and others.

Do you think that the Missouri man will win? What’s are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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