FTC sues Whole Leaf Organics over COVID-19 & CBD claims

FTC sues Whole Leaf Organics over COVID-19 & CBD claims

In response to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint, Whole Leaf Organics, a California-based marketer of a supplement consisting mainly of Vitamin C and herbal extracts has agreed to a preliminary order barring Marc Ching from claiming that it is effective at treating, preventing, or reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Pending the resolution of a parallel administrative case, the proposed preliminary order also bars Marc Ching, doing business as Whole Leaf Organics, from claiming that three CBD-based products he sells are effective cancer treatments.

FTC Press Release

Since at least December 2018, through the Whole Leaf Organics website, Ching has sold three CBD-containing products, according to the FTC. Whole Leaf Organics advertised and sold Thrive online, with a 50-capsule bottle selling for $36.99.

The lawsuit alleged that Marc Ching doesn’t have the scientific evidence to substantiate his cancer-treatment claims, which presents them as false or deceptive.

The FTC also has approved the issuance of an administrative complaint containing the same allegations about the health claims Ching made for Thrive and the CBD-based products. In the administrative case, the FTC is seeking an order permanently halting the allegedly deceptive advertising for Thrive, CBD-EX, CBD-RX, and CBD-Max.

Expertly crafted. Superior in genius – CBD EX combines the most effective cancer and immune regulating clinically tested components into one simple supplement.
. . .
The most effective innovation in cancer and immune related proactive supplement support in the past ten years. CBD-EX combines the best in cancer fighting elements, into one simple capsule.
. . .
Containing clinically tested ingredients, CBD-EX is a dynamic force in anti inflammation protocols, targeting manipulated cells while working to protect healthy ones. Formulated containing Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom, CBD-EX seeks to inhibit the spread of mutated malignant cells, directly attacking the problem.

Advertised statements from Whole Leaf Organics website

Whole Leaf Organics makes formulation claims

The manipulation of cells is how cancer spreads and moves through the body. The most effective thing you can do in regards to fighting against cancer, is to control the way it manipulates and cross transfers into other cells.

CBD-EX – Compounded with infrared separated CBD and beta glucan Coriolis Versicolor, our CBD-EX formulation is specifically created to combat cancer and de-manipulate active cells. Infused with Curcumin, our CBD-EX formulation reduces cell inflammation, while at the same time targeting mutated nuclei.

Containing clinically tested cancer proactive ingredients, CBD-EX can be taken in consistent high therapeutic doses.

Medical claims from Whole Leaf Organics website

This is the latest reminder to CBD brands to avoid making direct claims on what CBD can do. Yes many of us use CBD to relax and to help with inflammation but to make outright claims like CBD treats opioid addiction is a no-no by the federal government.

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